Our favourite scented candles for that romantic evening

Our favourite scented candles for that romantic evening



Picture this…you’ve set everything up for a romantic night in. You’re trying to impress that date so you make a delicious dinner, dim the lights and get the music playing. Too much talking isn’t your thing so instead, you wind down the lights and pour yourselves a glass of something fruity. Things are going well, but you’re missing something. For what could be that finishing touch we need to make this night just perfect? A scented candle of course!

We are going to take you through our 3 favourite scented candles to give your romantic evening that extra pizazz.

  1. Open woodlands
    If you’re going for something a little classier, maybe dinner and wine rather than say, a movie, this is the choice for you. Our open woodlands candle will help you create a sophisticated atmosphere for your night. Revel in a robust fruity fragrance that will uplift your senses and spark your imagination. Sweet harmonisation of the lime, pineapple and strawberry tones with a treble of violet and Gardenia, synchronised with fresh melon and guava. An amazing scent throw for your home.

  2. Fudge Brownie
    To create the ultimate cosy atmosphere, our fudge brownie candle is an excellent choice. Imagine sitting by a crackling fireplace, diving into some freshly baked brownies with vanilla ice cream on top. That’s what this candle smells like. While this scent would work for any kind of night in, it would work best for those wanting a night in, cosy on the sofa watching a movie.

  3. Sweet Addiction
    Imagine a scent that will draw you into a bliss of sweet moments with a lingering scent of Caramel Butterscotch. Reminisce in our sweetest addiction with a layer of lemon zest and orange, mixed with Butterscotch and Maple syrup, combined with a lingering base of vanilla and sweet cream. Our Sweet Addiction candle is the perfect addition to any date night.

    Nothing can elevate a romantic night in quite like the right scented candle. Whether you're making your home cosy, want to help de-stress or create the seduction needed to turn on the passion, we have a scented candle for it!

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