Why Coconut soy wax?

Why Coconut soy wax?

Need help in deciding between a Paraffin candle or one of our 100% Coconut soy candles? Let us help.


Would you believe that candles were invented by the Egyptians over 70000 years ago? Since this there have been many different types of candles being created and there has been an ongoing research by many chandlers to find the best type of wax.

The delight of an aroma emitting from a candle within our home is a comfort for many of us. Without the vibrancy of the scents and memories upon the photographs we take, they would not come alive and leave the vivid impressions upon our senses that we long to experience again and again. 

However,  the furthest thing from our minds, as we take in this scent throw of our newly bought candle, are the types of wax we are using and the chemicals that are released from them. The purpose of this article is to challenge this far away thought and inform you on the importance of having knowledge of the type of candle you are purchasing. So let us explain.

In the commercial world one of the most used wax types in candles is Paraffin. These mass-produced candles are petroleum based, using crude oil Alka fossil fuel. So, we are basically buying petrol from our Gas stations and placing them on our mantel piece in a jar. Yes, Paraffin wax can hold a stronger scent but you will find you will have to buy more candles frequently because you will burn them down quickly. The crude oil, being the origin of paraffin wax, is considered highly unsustainable due to it being a non-renewable resource. It has also been the cause of environmental calamities, in oil spills, damage of natural habitats and climate change.

Let’s take a microscopic look; the American Cancer Society which, in 2009 discovered that burning Paraffin wax produces benzene which is basically telling cancer cells to get a move on and grow. The more toxins our body has to clean out, the likelihood of our health deteriorating more rapidly and developing diseases and other illnesses.

Paraffin also releases black soot, similar to that of a diesel exhaust pipe, also emitting poisonous chemicals such as toluene, Naphthalene, tri-decane, tetra-decane, penta-decane and hexadecane; all associated with asthma, the exacerbation of respiratory conditions and allergies and have been known to cause dermatological conditions.  

If these candles are emitting these fumes into the atmosphere, the end scope of creating a healthy body but also a healthy environment shifts dramatically. These fumes affect the environment around you, including the plants and animals alike and it is over time that this can leave longer lasting effects in a world that is already limited by its resources.

Yet, this is where we offer an alternative that is not only healthier but guarantees to be worth the price because quantity doesn’t always equal quality, but quality can always equal a better way of living. 

Our coconut wax is created from the high melt coconut oil and blends well with soy which is also a natural wax. The breakdown of this wax will only make you want to buy them more. In contrast to the paraffin wax, aesthetically speaking, coconut soy wax candles are stunning. Our wax is soot free, burns cleaner, cooler and slower. The fragrance oils bind to the coconut oil creating a stronger scent compared to just soy candles. 

There are no chemicals emitted from our candles meaning they are environmentally friendly and will also stop black soot from getting onto your surfaces .Buying  our Coconut soy wax candles will give you the bang for your buck in contrast to cheaper paraffin candles that don’t last as long and emit toxins into the air for you and your family to breathe in.

So what do you say to creating a healthy home and providing it with a friendly and radiant fragrance that will last a long time and not emit damaging gasses.  We will create the warmth and comfort you are looking for.


Danielle Kneen
Founder of -

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