Shaping Memories, Fragrance by Fragrance.

General Inquiries: Q1: What distinguishes Lavian Fragrances? A1: Lavian Fragrances melds craftsmanship with sustainable luxury, specializing in a range of eco-friendly, aesthetically crafted home fragrances and bath essentials. Each item from our candles to our room sprays is designed to enhance and elevate your living spaces.

Q2: What is the origin of your products? A2: We prioritize ethical and sustainable procurement, ensuring every ingredient and element represents our commitment to quality and the environment.

Product-related Inquiries: Q3: Which wax is used in your candles? A3: Our candles revel in a refined blend of 100% organic coconut soy wax, a delightful amalgamation of natural coconut and soybean oils. This blend accentuates our commitment to eco-friendliness and cruelty-free practices.

Q4: What's the duration of scent for your reed diffusers? A4: Our reed diffusers are fashioned to permeate your space for several weeks. Their persistence can vary based on room dimensions and airflow. You can adjust the number of reeds to regulate the fragrance strength.

Q5: Are your room sprays child and pet-friendly? A5: We ensure a conscientious formulation for our room sprays. Nonetheless, for safety, use them in well-ventilated areas and store away from children and pets.

Purchase & Dispatch: Q6: Which payment methods do you accept? A6: We accept most leading credit cards, PayPal, Afterpay and various secure online payment mechanisms.

Q7: What's the anticipated delivery window? A7: Typically, orders reach their destinations within 5-7 working days. However, during high-demand seasons or unforeseen situations, minor delays might occur. We cherish your patience during such times.

Q8: Can you detail your return stance? A8: We prioritize your satisfaction. While we don’t process returns based on personal preferences, if a product arrives damaged, kindly contact us at hello@lavianfragrances.com with relevant details and imagery. We approach each concern individually, ensuring an outcome that aligns with your contentment.

Usage & Safety Protocols: Q9: How can I maximize my candle's lifespan? A9: Amplify your candle's longevity by allowing a full melt pool during its inaugural burn. Prioritize trimming the wick to about 1/4 inch before each ignition and position it safely, away from drafts and flammable items.

Q10: Are there specific guidelines for reed diffuser usage? A10: To optimize its function, station your diffuser on a stable surface, clear from direct sunlight or excessive heat. Regularly rotate the reeds for consistent aroma dispersion and ensure it remains inaccessible to pets and kids.

Q11: What's the recommended storage for room sprays? A11: Preserve the essence of our sprays by storing them in a cool environment, shielded from direct sunlight. Ensure the nozzle cap is tightly affixed when not in use.

Delving Deeper: Why does coconut soy wax overshadow paraffin? Lavian Fragrances' choice, coconut soy wax, is a blend steeped in natural essence, offering an environment-friendly alternative. It vastly reduces soot buildup compared to paraffin and cleans easily with warm, soapy water, simplifying jar repurposing.

What's unique about the wicks in Lavian Fragrance candles? Our candles shine with natural Wood Wicks, promising a cleaner burn, reduced carbon emissions, and an extended burn time.

Any candle care advice? To maximize its essence, ensure a complete wax melt during its first burn, given the memory attribute of coconut soy wax. Trim the wick regularly and extinguish the flame when the wax nears depletion.

Is repurposing the candle jars feasible? Absolutely! Sustainability is key for us. After relishing your Lavian Fragrance candle, you can easily transform the jar with a simple wash and employ it in various ways.

I observed minor blemishes on my candle. Is this normal? Coconut soy wax can sometimes exhibit "sweating" or release minute oil droplets due to temperature variations. While this might be evident post-delivery, it doesn't deter from the candle's intrinsic value. A gentle wipe can easily rectify this.

For further clarifications or insights, our customer service team stands ready to guide you. Your delight is our mission!