Our Story

At the epicenter of Lavian Fragrances is Katherine Kirkwood, a force of nature with a diverse tapestry of experiences and fervor. Katherine, with her seasoned expertise, meticulously sculpts fragrances that not only echo but also inspire and empower.

Before Katherine's aromatic voyage, her roles as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Nlp Practitioner set the stage. These positions deepened her comprehension of meditation, hypnosis, and the alchemy of forging natural products that seamlessly intertwine tranquility with grandeur.

Yet, Katherine's aspirations knew no bounds. She envisioned a fusion of her insights into crafting unparalleled candles and fragrances. For her, it wasn't merely about delivering a product, but orchestrating an experience — one defined by unparalleled customer engagement, an effortless purchasing journey, and a product imbued with the dedication of someone profoundly attuned to their customers' desires and dreams.

Katherine's life philosophy centers on genuine existence. As a mother, grandmother, and professional, she cherishes a life aligned with profound values. This ethos spearheaded her role as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Nlp Practitioner, illuminating paths for others to unleash the limitless power of the mind. Now, steering Lavian Fragrances, she's harmoniously amalgamated her passions, offering not mere fragrances but instruments for mindfulness, profound reflection, and the pursuit of inner equilibrium.

Today, Lavian Fragrances is a paragon of sustainable elegance. Rooted in Moreton Bay, Australia, our repertoire reaches beyond our hallmark coconut soy candles. Immerse in a handpicked ensemble of diffuser reeds, room sprays, and holistic gems like leave-in conditioner sprays and bath oils. Our pledge? Artisanal precision, untainted fragrances, and essential oils crafted to rejuvenate and pacify. Venture with us, delve into the Lavian odyssey, and await our newest revelations.

Lavian Fragrances isn't about meeting benchmarks — it's about redefining them. With Katherine's holistic wisdom as our cornerstone, we're sculpting a vibrant community where each product is a gateway to joy, tranquility, and empowerment.

Outside the realm of Lavian and championing the therapeutic power of fragrances, Katherine delves into metaphysical academia and writings. Yet, the compass guiding her journey is her family, her ceaseless wellspring of inspiration, propelling her forward, every dawn.