Luxury Wood Wick Candles Australia.

Pamper yourself with our beautiful range of Luxury Wood wick candles. Our fusion of coconut and soy wax paired with our crackling wood wicks makes our candles sustainable and eco-friendly which burn cleaner and longer than other wax candles. Our Luxury candles have a burn time of up to 80 hours, making them cost-effective. We have an array of scents that will send your senses wild!

Luxury scent for your home

Why choose us?

Our coconut wax is created from the high melt coconut oil and blends well with soy making it an all natural wax.

Our Coconut soy wax candles will give you the bang for your buck in contrast to cheaper paraffin candles that don’t last as long and emit toxins into the air for you and your family to breathe in.

No parrafin

In the commercial world one of the most used wax types in candles is Paraffin. These mass-produced candles are petroleum based, using crude oil Alka fossil fuel. So, you are basically buying petrol from our Gas stations and placing them on your mantel piece in a jar. Yes, Paraffin wax can hold a stronger scent but you will find you will have to buy more candles frequently because you will burn them down quickly. Our candles have a burn time of 80+ hours.

Ambience for your home

Sometimes, lighting a candle is all it takes to transform a space and evoke the feelings you want for a special moment or event.

It's no secret that scent evokes memories and feelings. A certain smell can bring us back to our childhood home, or remind us of the smell of our lover's skin. We can get lost in a scent, and sometimes simply inhale deeply to feel better when we're having an off day.

And since candles are made up of a combination of wax, oil, and fragrance, they help set the tone for whatever you're doing—even if you're not paying attention to them! They come in all sorts of scents and colors that can help you build the atmosphere you want for your meditation practice, bubble bath, romantic dinner for two (or four!), or any other purpose.

Boost your mood

When you're feeling anxious or depressed, it can be hard to get out of bed. It can also be hard to turn on the light and face your surroundings, so when you want to make your home a little cozier and more inviting, try burning an aromatherapeutic candle instead.

The beautiful aroma of a candle can help you feel comforted and at peace. The scent will fill up your space, making it a warm and welcoming place when you need it most.