About Us

Sculpting Memories, One Aroma at a Time.

Welcome to Lavian Fragrances, where luxury intertwines with olfactory elegance.

Lavian Fragrances was birthed from a vision, and although I'm not its originator, I am its steadfast sentinel. Assuming stewardship of this venture wasn't merely a business move; it was a heartfelt pursuit. As someone profoundly captivated by the mystique of opulent scented candles and refined fragrance oils, I was compelled to ensure Lavian Fragrances' original vision was not just maintained but also enriched.

In an era where every aroma evokes an emotion and each candle's flicker bathes a space in tranquility, Lavian Fragrances is a luminary for those who seek not just an item, but a sensory journey.

Why Lavian Fragrances?

Green Luxe: Revel in our opulent array, confident in the knowledge that you're making a planet-friendly choice. From our cherished coconut soy wax candles to our responsibly procured elements, our fealty to nature remains unshaken.

Craftsmanship in Each Essence: Every offering, be it our ambient room sprays, aromatic melts, or the eagerly anticipated health and wellness herbal teas, embodies meticulous attention and ardor. Imbued with tradition and forward-thinking, with each purchase, you're acquiring a piece of crafted elegance.

Distinctive Grace: Our discerning patrons, refined and worldly, merit nothing but the exceptional. Our collection, with its visual charm and unmatched olfactory profiles, aspires to transform ordinary instants into cherished reveries.

Broadening Vistas: Our expedition extends beyond just ambient fragrances. We're poised to venture into health and wellness herbal teas, affirming that opulence and vitality are synonymous.

By aligning with Lavian Fragrances, you embrace a heritage. A heritage characterized by unrivaled quality, indulgence, and a commitment that every creation mirrors an undying zeal.

Thank you for allowing us into your universe. Together, let's cast the radiant sheen of luxury over every facet of your existence.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Katherine Kirkwood Guardian & Dreamer, Lavian Fragrances.